viernes, 16 de noviembre de 2018

Friday Homework

The Maths homework this sheet is on Subtraction. Give the challenges a go, I have explained a little in class.

Mental Maths for practising: Round numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.

For example:

3457 to the nearest 10 is 3460.
3457 to the nearest 100 is 3500.
3457 to the nearest 1000 is 3000.

Road Safety Trip!

We had a lovely trip to the Road Safety Centre. The children had a very nice time. If your child would like additional cycling lessons for beginners there is a letter to explain.

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2018


Monday, 12th  November, 2018.
Compound Words.
1. outside
2. sometimes
3. something
4. someone
5. somewhere
6. anywhere
7. somehow
8. everybody
9. everything
10. cupboard
11. basketball
12. football

These words are made from two separate words. Please learn their spellings and write them correctly in sentences!

Odd Socks Day

Friday 16th November:
Please wear odd socks to school

This Friday, please get your child to wear odd socks to school to celebrate Odd Socks Day.
In our PSHE lessons this week, we will be doing various activities with an ANTI-BULLYING theme of "Choose Respect".

We will be discussing how bullying is a behaviour choice and that we can respectfully disagree with each other. We need to respect every member of our school community, both face to face and online.

Odd Socks Day is an opportunity to have fun, be yourself and spread awareness of core 
anti-bullying messages.

Here is a fun song by Andy (of CBeebies fame) and the Odd Socks to celebrate this occasion:

viernes, 9 de noviembre de 2018


Well done for another great week Y4B!

We have our Road Safety Trip next Wednesday...

The Maths Homework in on your sheet. I have explained it but I am happy to answer any questions you have.

Please also practise grams and kilograms, millilitres and litres for your mental maths. eg.

1200g = 1.2kg

1/2 l = 500ml

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2018


Please learn your spellings as below. Also write them in 10 sentences, accurately!

Monday, 5th  November, 2018.
1. noisily
2. angrily
3. easily 
4. lazily
5. sleepily
6. happily
7. daily
8. greedily
9. merrily
10. luckily

1. noisily
2. angrily
3. easily
4. lazily
5. sleepily
6. went
7. where
8. like
9. some
10. said 

Domingo came into class today from Las Palmas Police to talk about Road Safety. If you have not completed Page 1 and 2 in class, please do so at home!

miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2018

Happy Halloween!

What fantastic costumes you all wore today! Amazing creativity and expression!

We´re lucky to have the Police coming in for 4 days next week to talk about Road Safety. Hopefully we´ll learn a lot. We will then have a trip to the Road Safety Centre on November 14th. You will get a letter about that trip.

You have a short Maths homework to complete for next Friday. It´s on multiplying and dividing using decimals.

Have a lovely break!

Mr Peter